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Professional Mermaid tail in silicone (dragon skin) with monofin inside.

Professional Mermaid tail in silicone (dragon skin) with monofin inside.

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Mermaid tail, completely in silicone (dragon skin)


- Body (hips and legs) in silicone scales reinforced with powermesh;  A very large caudal fin with serrated finish (40 inches wide by 45 inches long) with a professionnal monofin; 2200 USD = 2967 CAD

- 6 little Hips fins; 100 USD = 140 CAD

- 2 calves medium fins; 150 USD = 200 CAD

- Extra for Patterns and complexity of the colors; 80 USD = 110 CAD

- Extra for rush order; 200 USD = 280 CAD

TOTAL: 2697 USD = 3697 CAD

- Delivery cost in extra.

* No exchange or refund possible: Custom Order on measures.*




***Gratuit pour tout achat de 50$ et plus.***

(7$ de frais de livraison pour les commandes de 49$ et moins.)

4 - 8 jours ouvrables (délai de manutention et livraison compris)


Largeur de 11.5 cm X Hauteur de 13 cm


Laver à la main à l'eau froide et un savon dégraissant (les savons à lessive ou à vaisselle sont très efficaces). Suspendre ou mettre à plat pour sécher.

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They are Amazed!

"JUST AMAZING! The talent and effort she puts in! A dream come true! I got this tail to surprise my father for his 80th birthday party. And everyone was as astonished as I was by it. The bracers. The tail. Just amazing! She worked with me and went above and beyond and made it happen. I can’t even begin to Thank you enough for this! Posting review photos and will have professional ones coming soon on my IG."

Alanna (August 15 2023 on my etsy shop)

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