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Silicone Mermaid Bustier~Bikini of fantaisy; athletic support, mythic style!

Silicone Mermaid Bustier~Bikini of fantaisy; athletic support, mythic style!

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Bustier/Bikini top in silicone : The Wave Space Armor

It's a fantasy silicone bustier with the look of a mermaid from another world! A mermaid wearing this shelltop as an armor with organic flouriches like gills to breath in the nil of the space or the see!

The look is simply fantastic with a sci-fi twist and the support is like a sport bra (Y straps). Sexy And Comfortable!

Material: Silicone is a dragon skin, platinum, skin safe grade, reinforcce with layers of powermesh; and foam for the inside; you can have fringes or not.

Size: Choose you size: 34B, 36C, 38D, etc.  Even for larger breasts, depending on the client's comfort! (If your size is not in the choices, write to me. I often create bustiers for "plus size" or "out standard", including sizes like 40G, 42DDD, 34DD, 36E, etc. I'm ableto create what will suit you. I have to modify a little the design of the bustier (adding scales on the sides of the cups and in the back, etc.) Don't hesitate to ask!

Therm: Since is all custom creations, send me a message, email with photos of the colors you want or the article that you want the bustier match with. You can also send me your measurements (the circumference of your breast in cm or inches (the biggest part) and the circumferance below your breast.

Colors!: They are completely customizable! Send me an email with your references or/and you can add colors on the design sheet of the bustier which can be found at the end of the images of this listing.

Maintenance: Wash by hand, hang to dry; the bustier is made of waterproof silicone reinforced by powermesh and fabric foam for the inside of the cups.

Note: The pigments are catalyzed in the silicone or the psycho paint (for airbrush patterns or color gradient). They can't tarnish by the sun, the sea, or even the chlorine from pools. 


Silicone: Dragon skin Platinum (skin safe grade) High quality


~All tracking number included~

Bracelets~Bikini~Bustier: Free Shipping! (Canada, USA); 10$ for International

Hybrid or Silicone Mermaid tail: $60 CAD by Chit Chats - 4 to 8 business days

$150 CAD Express UPS - 2 to 3 business days

$70 CAD Post Canada 3 to 9 business days


Refere you in the listing for each item please.


Hand wash in cold water and a degreasing soap (laundry for the fabric and dish soaps for the silicone fin are very effective). Hang or lay flat to dry.

The silicone is really strong and resistant; the pigments do not fade in light or saline water, or chlorine since they are embedded in the silicone.

Sequins can fade over time, after a lot of using, don't worry. ;)

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They are Amazed!

"JUST AMAZING! The talent and effort she puts in! A dream come true! I got this tail to surprise my father for his 80th birthday party. And everyone was as astonished as I was by it. The bracers. The tail. Just amazing! She worked with me and went above and beyond and made it happen. I can’t even begin to Thank you enough for this! Posting review photos and will have professional ones coming soon on my IG."

Alanna (August 15 2023 on my etsy shop)