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Bikini top in silicone with Patterns on mermaid scales!

Bikini top in silicone with Patterns on mermaid scales!

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Bikini top in silicone with patterns on the mermaid scales like a legend of the sea!

bikini top in silicone scales (dragon skin);
On fabric (lycra and foam);

Easy to adapt, rope to tie;

Tell me your size, example: 34B, 36C, 38D, etc.
Even for stronger breasts, depending of the client's comfort!

Personalize your color and your size. You can send me pictures the colors, patterns or the beast or mermaid tail you it to match with! 

Waterproof silicone, swimwear fabric, easy to maintain;

Preferably hand wash, hang to dry;

Then, all you have to do is swimming like a dragon of the sea or a mermaid! ;)





***Gratuit pour tout achat de 50$ et plus.***

(7$ de frais de livraison pour les commandes de 49$ et moins.)

4 - 8 jours ouvrables (délai de manutention et livraison compris)


Largeur de 11.5 cm X Hauteur de 13 cm


Laver à la main à l'eau froide et un savon dégraissant (les savons à lessive ou à vaisselle sont très efficaces). Suspendre ou mettre à plat pour sécher.

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They are Amazed!

"JUST AMAZING! The talent and effort she puts in! A dream come true! I got this tail to surprise my father for his 80th birthday party. And everyone was as astonished as I was by it. The bracers. The tail. Just amazing! She worked with me and went above and beyond and made it happen. I can’t even begin to Thank you enough for this! Posting review photos and will have professional ones coming soon on my IG."

Alanna (August 15 2023 on my etsy shop)

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